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     Attention Overseas Buyers ... Courtesy can ferry or ship overseas!
       Call Mark Clark at 800-426-8783 (815-229-5112) for more information on overseas delivery options.

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Eagle Crate1_web.jpg (7773 bytes)
Christian Eagle to Germany
15GS Ship1_web.jpg (7951 bytes)
AT-6C to South Africa
Stearmanship1_web.jpg (8400 bytes)
Stearman to Germany

5580S Ship Photo1_web.jpg (9413 bytes)
Stearman to United Kingdom

Martin for Web.jpg (6985 bytes)
Martin Courage has ferried several planes overseas for Courtesy Aircraft.

5580S Ship Photo2_web.jpg (8772 bytes)
Stearman to United Kingdom

Ray Dieckman, former owner of the famous Corsair, Marines Dream, purchased this mint Bearcat from Rene Bouverat in France. See photos below of the overseas transport.
Bearcat Streets of France_web.jpg (10681 bytes)
The Bearcat on the streets of France.
Bearcat Le Havre 045_web.jpg (9722 bytes)
Bearcat being loaded for the U.S.
Bearcat Le Havre 068_web.jpg (11272 bytes)
Packed and ready to go!
Bearcat home3_web.jpg (12308 bytes)
The Bearcat being unpacked in the U.S.
Bearcat home2_web.jpg (9554 bytes)
Lifted out of the crate by one wire!
Bearcat home1_web.jpg (8271 bytes)
On the way home, at last!
That Bearcat Smile_web.jpg (4682 bytes)
Ray Dieckman, very happily in his new
Bearcat ..... His Smile Says it All!
Ray Bearcat_web.jpg (5095 bytes)
Ray Dieckman in his new Bearcat.

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In addition, we have ferried T-6's and T-28's to Europe as well as arranged shipment of Bearcats, Corsairs,
T-28's and P-51 Mustangs from Europe to the United States.