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"Darcy, I want to thank you for all of your hard work in getting  the Broussard and Stearman sold.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and the rest of the team at Courtesy."  - Dr. Alex Newsom



"Mark: Thanks to you and your team for moving our T-6 in a timely and professional manner. Iím sorry it needed all the attention you had to give it, but glad it was in your capable hands." - M
ike Hall

"Mark and Kathi, Thank you for this good news, nice job. I have one more reason to be happy to have worked with Courtesy for buying a Mustang. Thanks again, I appreciate the way you work. With my best regards, Fred"

"My Thanks to Darcy and Courtesy for helping make purchasing my second plane such a trouble free event. "- Diane Flaugher

"Everyone was very helpful in the purchasing process of my L-19 Bird Dog. I was very pleased with the professional manner in which this transaction occurred." - Mark Holt


"Love the honesty and knowledge base." -Addison Pemberton

"I probably bought the cheapest plane Mark Sold in 2011, yet he treated me like I was buying a Corsair! The transaction went flawlessly even though it was not in Mark's inventory. I very much appreciate the efforts of your company." All the best, Scott G.

"Fantastic service from the entire staff. As someone that is new in the aircraft and warbird ownership arena, your attention to detail and ability to dissipate any apprehensions with plain language answers and facts on ownership sealed the deal. I strongly recommend Courtesy for any warbird requirements, sales, service or administrative support. You guys are the best."
-John B Schonhorst Jr. & Cindy Schonhorst

"Darcy, Made it back to NJ after about 5 hours of flying. N95242 is a wonderful plane and was a joy to fly this afternoon. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Courtesy for your professional handling and attention to detail.  It was a pleasure doing business with you. Have a wonderful holiday season!"
-Marcus Montenecourt 

Hello Mark, Sorry for my late reaction but I did spend four days in the Mustang. I am very happy she has arrived and we worked hard to assemble her. She is in marvelous condition and built with enormous craftsmanship. We all are impressed about the rebuilding job that has been done. We had to trust you about the aircraft and it was worth it, we only had some internet photo's to decide the sale. We got a wonderful restored Mustang from you. Thanks Mark."

-Jan van der Flier

Hello Mark,

Scat VII is now operational. Last Friday I did two test flights.  They went very smooth. Saturday I flew with Jan for the first time.  We went on a 2 hour navigation flight and ferried Scat VII to Antwerp in Belgium.  Jan was very impressed by the performance of the Mustang.  He is very happy to finally have flown his new aircraft!

Thanks for all your support; it would never have been possible to buy a Mustang of this quality, without inspecting it ourselves first, if Courtesy wasn't the broker.  Well done to you and your team!!

Mark, I wish you and your team a Merry Christmas and a happy 2010!

Kind Regards,
Marcel Peerlkamp

Dear Mark,

I write this letter to personally thank you for your kind donation to help bring the Hawker Sea Fury "Sawbones" to Reno and back this year. Without your support this type of racing activity would virtually be impossible. The airplane arrived in Reno safely and cam back with very little problem. We did have a few coils that had to be replaced and some ignition parts on the way back from Reno but otherwise we got back safe and sound.....Thanks again for your tremendous support of this racing team.

Sincerely yours,

Robin C. Crandall, M.D.

"I have been an active viewer of this website since my first flight in a CJ6A Nanchang back in 1998, and my hopes of one day becoming a Warbird owner/operator had begun.  It got me addicted to flying, and to Courtesy's Website!  10 Years later, I am currently flying Learjets.  Throughout my last few  days of high school, and throughout college, Courtesy Aircraft was always a site that I could get my warbird fix.  It's amazing to see all the different aircraft come and go - and even watch the same ones pop up more than once! I remember about 10 years ago when I was just finishing up high school in the Bay Area, and Ray Diekman was at the Santa Rosa Air Show with Marines Dream.  David Etchell, a friend of Ray's, was the man who took me on my first flight the year prior in the Nanchang.  At the time, I didn't know anything about Ray's amazing Corsair.  I remember he was not flying it in the airshow that day because he was feeling sick with a head cold, but he offered me to climb up inside... it was just freshly restored and what an amazing treat that was.  I remember asking him how fast he had gone so far.  He replied with "Around 350mph." Years later I see it for sale on Courtesy.  It brings back such great memories and only now, years later, I realize how special that was.  Such a small community the warbird family is, and one day hope to be an owner and part of.  One thing's for sure, when the day comes along where I can start off with a T-6 or T-28, Mark Clark and the people at Courtesy Aircraft will be the folks I seek.

Thanks for a great website and for keeping the memories and dreams alive for a lot of people... and I look forward to the E-news!!!"

-Chris Birrell

I bought '57 BE35H from you two years ago. Great airplane. Hangered since I got it. Virtually unchanged, good compression, using 0 oil, no metal. Looking to trade up to faster BE35 or light twin (Baron, PA-30, Aztec)...Contacting you because 1) You know my airplane, and 2) You delivered exactly what you said you would." -Ray
N2800G Gail on Delivery_web.jpg (15658 bytes)                                                                           (Photo: Gail Concannon saying "Let's buy it!")
Dear Mark,

I really appreciate the hospitality from Courtesy Aircraft and Heritage Aero this last few days when I picked up my T-28. I cannot thank you all enough. Mark Pasqualino is an absolutely terrific flight instructor and with a little more help from him I am sure the check ride will go smoothly.

After a late start yesterday, we made it to McComb after dark without incident. Plane ran and performed well and was realitively oil free this a.m. Went out at 8:00 a.m. this morning to put the plane in the hangar and there was a crowd of about 30 people slobbering all over the plane. (our airport doesn't see 30 people in a week!)

Thanks again,
Milt Concannon
Good Morning Mark,

I just want to thank you for the smooth transition on the purchase of my first twin Baron E55. I love the aircraft and I am having a good time flying it. Your staff was very friendly and I can't wait until the next purchase of my first warbird. Have a great year I will update you when I fly my E55 to the destination that I want.

Best Regards,
Mehdi Shokoohi


"After 70 years of flying 160 different civil and military airplanes and being recognized (at age 83) as being the 'oldest active airshow performer in the USA'. I busted my FAA medical and got grounded - sold my Pitts S1C on 8 Jan 09 and have almost stopped whining. I thank you for the E-News. Along with my civilian experience, I flew as a USMC aviator, the N2S, SNJs, FM-2, F6F-5, F8F-1,-2, F4U-4, -5, TBM-3, TO-1, F2H-2, F9F-2,-5 amongst many others and loved them all. So now, in my non-flying years, I find solace by getting a warbird fix with your E-News and looking over your the inventory on your website - which has really helped me reconcile my situation! I wish the Courtesy Aircraft crew a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009 and my hopes that you'll always have a Grumman Bearcat (my all-time favorite - the Pitts Special of the prop fighters!) in inventory for me to drool over."

- Bud Walker ATP-756232


Mark and Staff,

Many thanks. Your service was great and when the need arises I shall return.

John Macintosh

Mark, You might like to know that I have had a very good year with the '66 V-35. I flew 60 hours last year and it has proven to be exactly as you represented it to be.

Thanks, Steve
I can't thank you enough for a smooth, no sweat transaction...not to mention that you "pulled a rabbit out of a hat" by selling my Super Decathlon as the economies of the world are seemingly drowning in an economic climate that might eventually prove to be even more disastrous than that experienced in the immediate aftermath of 9/11/01, when you sold my Stearman!

Furthermore, you and your staff are to be commended for putting just as much effort and enthusiasm into these transactions as you do with the rest of the planes you handle, most of which represent sales involving ten to twenty times the market value of these birds.

Best regards and thank you once again!
Morris Gardner

T-37 370WB_web.jpg (8700 bytes)Lisa Walter T-37_web.jpg (74565 bytes)
Mark,  The T-37 arrived and created quite a stir at the Waukesha, WI airport! It could never have happened without your help in guiding us through the purchase and T37 rating. Wife Lisa approves; now I have to figure out how to get her out of the left seat!
Best Regards, Paul & Lisa Walter, Milwaukee WI

All was great, Terry Rush and I went for a type ride in Texas in the MkIX Spitfire. Once again an aircraft purchased through you was exactly as represented. This is the third aircraft I have purchased through you and I have never been disappointed. I believe no one has the knowledge or experience of the warbird market that you have. I know that you always have all the facts and avoid puffing. You ahve made this a fun and painless experience as usual. You and your staff are the best.

Tom Duffy
I appreciate the effort you put into selling the old bird. I would not think of buying or selling an aircraft without using the services of Courtesy Aircraft. I have now bought two and sold one through you and I have been extremely pleased. Your reputation in the industry is well deserved.

Thanks again,
Bob Resling,
Denver, CO
Dear Mark and everyone at Courtesy Aircraft,

I wanted to write and thank you for assisting me in the sale of my T-6. I listed the aircraft with Mark on a Thursday and I was pleasantly shocked when he had a buyer and a deposit my Monday afternoon!

The process of getting the aircraft to Rockford along with the pre-purchase inspection, attending to some minor maintenance and the documentation for closing was as seamless and painless as I have ever experienced. If only selling my Pitts on my own had been so easy!

When I'm ready for the next Warbird, Courtesy will be my first call.

Best Regards,
Brett Zachary, CEO
Sanco Industries, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of purchasing two aircraft through Courtesy Aircraft. Mark Clark and his staff have been nothing short of extremely professional. I purchased a Corsair, "Marine's Dream" through mark and the aircraft was exactly as represented by Mark. I recently purchased a B-25 through Mark and likewise the aircraft was exactly as represented. I've had many discussions with Mark and he's extremely knowledgeable on virtually every warbird on the market and has always provided me with up-to-date and accurate information. No one is more qualified.

I hope to continue to purchasing warbirds and will always call Mark first before venturing into the warbird market.

Tom Duffy
Philadelphia, PA


I was on the web yesterday looking at your aircraft for sale and was intrigued by this P-51. I am originally from Winnipeg and the fact that this is a former 402 City of Winnipeg Squadron Mustang was of great interest. My father was a former C.O. of 402 Squadron and flew Vampires and Mustangs in the reserves post war after 2 tours during WWII as a Lancaster pilot and Mosquito pilot in the RCAF. In fact, I went to his log books and on two occasions are entries from 1951 where he flew this particular Mustang, aircraft no. 9563. Quite amazing that I can look at those pictures and know that this is the particular aircraft that the old man flew. Unfortunately, I am not a Microsoft millionaire or I would be quite tempted to acquire this airplane. Thanks for posting these pictures. I found them to be of great interest.

Good luck to you.
Andrew Scott
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hello Mark,

I wanted to thank you for making the purchase of my Beech E-55 such an easy and enjoyable experience. I especially appreciate you taking care of the negotiations for me as I do not do well at that sort of thing and always felt in good hands throughout the process. I don't think that the excitement of owning an airplane has actually sunk in yet!

Thank you again,
Rich Theyerl


I still enjoy seeing the listings on your website.  The last brochure I received from you all had my beautiful P51 on the cover, and yes it was me flying SU SU.  What a beautiful P51.  Thanks for the kind words on your website saluting veterans this Veterans Day Weekend.  I have been on active duty recall to the Navy since April and I have just been extended for another year.  At the present time I am not assigned in Iraq.   I am working for a Rear Admiral in Jacksonville, FL on his staff as Region Air Operations for what is known as Navy Region Southeast.  Our region encompasses all Navy Installations from Florida to Texas - up to North Carolina.  The Airfields I work with number: 12 primary and 19 outer lying fields (OLF's).  I am very proud to be in this position as a Navy Officer, especially when times are tough for our Country.   I dream of the day I may get my SU SU back, but I am very thankful to have the keys to a friend's Texan to fly!

Take care and have a safe holiday.
Your Friend, Alan 

         A few comments we've received on the new Courtesy Aircraft E-News:

"A very good idea, keeps us informed concerning the latest aircraft available. Well, organized and thought out. Thanks for including me.".... Bob Kreamer

"Very Nice Job, I look forward to seeing more!" ... Carol Moyer

"Many thanks for the fine e-news, most informative and happy to be updated." ... Peter Teichman

"Nice e-mail newsletter." ... Wally Zook

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We are very pleased to let you know that we made it safely to Germany. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the superb work, once again, I must add, you did with regard to the market research, purchase and mods of the Cessna 182Q. We appreciated very much your professional service, smooth handling of the transaction and full support at all times.

Furthermore, we thank you for your recommending to us Cliff’s workshop, Heritage Aero, which did an excellent job. We are fully satisfied with the our new aircraft, it flies great, no problems whatsoever with the engine. We learned that it can easily handle extreme weather and flight conditions in parts of the world that we normally do not get to so often.

We may add that David and Tony at Avionics Place also completed their works, timely as agreed upon. Once again our appreciation and thanks for the brilliant work you did!

Kind Regards, Roenne & Constantin

Read Roenne & Constantin's Adventure Across the Atlantic and home to Europe

April 14, 2006
Mark and Joe and P51_web.jpg (15397 bytes)

Delivery day, Mark Clark with new owner
Joe Richardson

Owning and flying a Mustang has been a life long dream. My father crewed P-51's in Korea and with the Kentucky Air National Guard. Some of my earliest memories are of him and this airplane. You have made this dream a reality. Your expertise and advice have proven invaluable. The folks you network with such as Wally Zook in financing and Tony Rukavina in insurance were great to deal with. This entire transaction has been a delightful experience. I will certainly recommend Courtesy
Aircraft to anyone interested in joining the Warbird community, and plan to use you again if and when I am fortunate enough to acquire my next dream ... a North American F-86!
                                            Many thanks! Joe Richardson, MD
337GA_Delivery_web.jpg (8307 bytes)Hi Mark,

Many thanks or the professional way you handled the sale of the TBM for me. By now Larry Ricker (pilot shown here ready to deliver TBM) should be in Oakland. Thanks again to you and your crew!

                         Kindest Regards, Steve Searle

Just a little note to let you know that Mark P. and the T-34 arrived in great shape on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for all of the help - really appreciate it. You did a great job representing the aircraft (and Courtesy), and helping juggle everything so that we could get it inspected, pre-inspected, annualed, paid for and delivered.

Thanks again - it was a pleasure doing business with you!!!
Bo Ewald


I hope this email finds you doing well. I just completed my first 100 hours in my T6-G, purchased through you in April. This plane is about the best thing I have ever bought and I enjoy it tremendously. I completed the wing AD without problems or findings and was one of the first 10 planes back up in the air. The annual went eventless and the plane is performing well. I modified it with a high roll rate kit, which I highly recommend. For those worried about fuel cost, I have been able to fly the plane averaging 24 Gal per hour, with the average flight being 1 hour - well that still puts 2,400 Gal through the tank, but it is just too much fun!

Best regards,
Jens Meyerhoff       


I just wanted to drop you a quick note that we landed safely last night at 6:00pm at LVK. The plane performed flawlessly and consumed only 27gal of fuel per hour. Total flight time was 14.0 hours for the 2,000 miles. After we left Rockford we flew to Grand Island, NE for our first night stop. Unfortunately we got stranded there for the next day as severe thunderstorms and hail came down from the Rocky's. However, we got out of there on Wednesday morning and just flew home via Laramie, Salt Lake, Reno into Livermore. It was a long tour but we had great weather. Today we have rain and a low ceiling, I am glad we got here yesterday.

Thanks again for all your help. BTW, we only used 1.5 Gal of oil!

Best regards,
Jens Meyerhoff

Dear Mark,

It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Your warmth and professionalism in helping with the purchase of my SNJ-4 has been exceptional. You head up a first class operation.

Best personal regards,
Jim Foskett, M.D.

Buying an airplane is always an important move, and buying an "exotic" aircraft can up the stress level a lot. When I bought my Focke-Wulf 149D from Courtesy Aircraft, I found out that they took their name seriously. John Kraman and the entire staff could not have been more patient, courteous and most importantly, knowledgeable. They took all the time I needed, directed me to the appropriate shops for the work that I wanted done, provided all the documents that make owning this aircraft as stress free as if I was buying a conventional flying machine. I was never pressured and I had that warm and fuzzy feeling that one gets when you know this important transaction is being handled by people who know their business and make sure that you know all the pertinent information to make flying a pleasure. I have owned seven aircraft, purchased from seven different sources, but this time, it was a delight.

Alan Lapidus


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I appreciate your handling of the sale of the L19 to me. This is the fourth airplane that I have purchased from you but the first that I have ever "purchased, site unseen". The digital pictures that you emailed me made it easy for me to make the buying decision. They were very detailed and showed the exact condition. Having worked with you in the past, I knew that I could trust your grading system on describing the condition of the L19. Much to my benefit, the airplane was actually nicer than your description. This is always a pleasant surprise. Thank you for arranging delivery, that made the transaction a "No bother" to me. Your pilot was very professional and pleasant to meet. I am in the sales business myself and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your honesty and professionalism. I look forward to our future dealings.                                                                                                                                                                Richard Gulley
Dear Mark,

Looked neat to see SOLD next to the "Marines Dream" listing. I remember looking in a hobby shop window as a kid from a row house wishing I had enough money to buy a model, and doing all kinds of odd jobs in the neighborhood to get the $4 or $5 dollars it cost. Maybe this is crazy but I am glad that Marines Dream is now mine. I only wish my father who was in the 1st Marine Air Wing was alive to see it. He learned to fly after the war and inspired my love of flying and WWII aircraft!

Thanks again,

Dear Mark,
Just a note to let you know that Peter Smiths aircraft arrived safely and in perfect condition at Old Buckenham, Norfolk, England ( Home of 453rd Bomb Group ) on Thursday. The packing was a work of art!
It's one of the nicest Stearman I have seen, a real cracker ! We hope to assemble next week.

Best regards,
Paul Layzell    
Old Buckenham Airfield

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know that the Stearman arrived safely @ Old Buckenham Airfield on Thursday, and was unpacked as carefully as it was packed up.  Very many thanks for all the care you took.  I saw it in the hanger today, & it looks pristine.  Hopefully it will be re-assembled later next week.Many thanks for all the time & effort expended on this.

On behalf of Peter,
Tyra Smith

Dear Mark,

"The BT-13 was the first airplane that I have bought from Courtesy Aircraft and I can not tell you how pleased I was dealing with your Company. The price was fair and the deal uncomplicated. I know that I was on the low end of your market but I could not have received better service if I had been buying a P-51. The fact that you cleared a lien that had been out there since 1952 spoke volumes to me and you did it without me having to beg. When I buy again, I’I'll buy from Courtesy Aircraft Sales!”

Bill Edwards

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your help during our purchase. The flight home was uneventful and I sure appreciate Mark's assistance and the fact that you sent him along with me. It was invaluable.

Once again my thanks for your professionalism and your personal interest in my leaving as a satisfied customer and new friend.

With warmest regards,
Peter Herzig

Hi Mark,

Finally back home in Switzerland. I wanted to thank you for the good and professional T-28 training I received from you guys. Thanks a lot.

Michael Weber

EAA letter_4904.jpg (29834 bytes)

Just writing to tell you thank-you for all your service and support while my mechanic checked over the 210D last week. He arrived, unscathed, back home with the airplane yesterday. I'll finally get to see the plane for myself this coming weekend as my work is keeping me from getting out to the airport earlier. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Aside from the few nits, the plane was pretty much as you advertised. We appreciate your honesty and willingness to negotiate. I think we both got a fair deal. Courtesy will be recommended by me, often.

Thanks again,
Richard Vaughn

L19 Letter.jpg (71209 bytes)

A Dream Come True ...

Now a Courtesy Aircraft Customer, Brian, shown here in 10th Grade with a Corsair in Spokane, WA dreaming that one day he'd own one of these birds.

Brian Corsair Teenager_med.jpg (14071 bytes)

(Brian laughs,"no comments on the bell bottom pants!")


20 Years Later Brian's Dream Comes True as he sits in his OWN Corsair purchased through Courtesy Aircraft.

Brian Corsair young man_med.jpg (13471 bytes)

Thanks Courtesy Aircraft for Your Help!

Malvern J. Gross, Jr.
"Island In The Sky"

Re: Sale of Cessna 210

Dear Sir,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you for all the help and counsel you gave in connection with the sale of my "mistress." Your words of patience at strategic moments resulted in my getting a much fairer price for the plane than I would have if I had been my own broker. Your hand-holding was most appreciated, and helped me through this "life-event." It is hard to accept that one is no longer 19 any more.

Best personal regards,
Mal Gross


BobCannon_web.jpg (7461 bytes)
Left to Right: Mark Clark, Ryan Cannon,
Bob Cannon (proud new Duke owner),
Tom Clement and John Kraman


Home safe and sound with a very fine Duke thanks in large part to your fine organization and great salesman, John Kraman. It was extremely nice getting to finally meet you and see Courtesy Aircraft, of which I had heard so much through the years.

Tom Clements, Pilot/Instructor
Flight Review Inc., Aircraft Management

To learn more about Tom Clements and his training videos, go to   


Thank you for the deal and all your support. It was and is fun to work with you. Here are some pictures from our Air show last weekend. The SNJ came right on time!

Kind regards,
Ingo Cremer

Africa_ext.jpg (7609 bytes)           

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your support in making
this transition go smoothly. Being a Marketing manager, I appreciate good
salesmanship and follow-up. You did an excellent job in both!

Best Regards,

Bud Patel
Cessna 182 N1323M

Dear Sir,

I am very pleased to tell you that the N623TC arrived in Germany last week.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and help you provided in making this deal happen.  It was a great pleasure working with you.  The aircraft received all the desired avionics and now is in an immaculate condition.  We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Kind regards and all the best for you and your family!

Constantin Woelki


Thank you so much for the AWESOME ride!  I've been telling everyone about my T-6 adventure. It sure made my flight instructor jealous.  Did you get to see the story?  I think it turned out really well.  Let me know if there's anything I can ever help you with.

                     Thanks Again!
                     Eric Wilson


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