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-Hot News-
Lockheed Vega Flies Again!
Aircraft sold by Courtesy Aircraft


The Museum of Flight
Before It's Too Late: An Aviation Archaeology Symposium
Before It's Too Late: An Aviation Archaeology Symposium

Time: Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 8:30am - Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 5:00pm

Event Type: Public Programs

Location: William M. Allen Theater

-Thanks to our friends at Historic Aviation -
Inspired the FAAís recent proposal to utilize the circumference of a pilotís neck and a body mass index measurement in the issuance of the Airman Medical Certificate.  For your own copy visit

Congrats to Ray -Pictured below with his new Boeing Stearman!

Congrats to Pete! Picking up his new Beech D-18S

Congrats to Jack and his new PT-19!

Another Great Year at Oshkosh!
We hope to see you again at our Motorhome for AirVenture 2014!


Click Here to e to Read Recent Forbes Article featuring

interview with Courtesy Aircraft's  Mark Clark!


New Beech T-34B Owner

EAA Ch. 22 Fly-in Breakfast Held at Courtesy Aircraft Ė Rockfordís News Leader

Photos from a satisfied customer- Enjoying flying his North American T-6!
Some pictures from his in-flight photo shoot...


Just for fun

Grumman F8F Bearcat N68RW Featured in February 2013 Issue of EAA Warbird Magazine

 Click Here to Read More!













A note from Texas:
"Mark, Been flying the SNJ almost every day. Have about 18 hours on it and pulled cowling and changes oil yesterday. Screens were clean. You sold me a really nice airplane!
Much thanks!" -Scott







February 2013 NAS Pensacola
Special 2 Day Insiders Tour
Click Here for Recap and learn how you can attend

the next tour


National Warbird Operators Conference 2013
Seattle, WA
Click to watch video below:


Congrats to Scott Glover! New SNJ-3 Owner

Grumman F8F Bearcat N68RW Featured in February 2013 Issue of EAA Warbird Magazine

 Click Here to Read More!

T-33 Sold By Courtesy

This February issue also featured "A Midsummer Night's Tale, Our Excellent Norwegian Adventure"  Click Here to Read More!

Pritzker Military Library public TV special on the
Lake Michigan Carrier and Aircraft Recovery

Pritzker Military Library is producing a public TV special about the Lake Michigan carriers and the aircraft recovery operations.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RAW FILMING FOOTAGE




"I am not one that go on about things but I just have to report back to you on the Cayuse OH-6A and the UH204 that I purchased through you. The machines is just stunning and didnít miss a beat whilst we operate her intensively g the festive season at the coast. The little Cayuse was immensely popular beyond tourist and locals and was complimented by friend and foe! Thanks once again for offering and trading this machine to us!  This is machine #2 bought through Courtesy Aircraft, and after the first deal on the UH204, I didnít think I could be so satisfied again, but it proof to be wrong! Both machines is well treasured by us, and although old, they operate like new machines...and the compliments is theirs and that of Mike, who incubated them for us.  All the best for you and your company for 2013 and may your company go from strength to strength...we need more of such authentic operator/outlets!!  Attached find few pictures of operations of Cayuse and Huey!"  -Rainier Arangies

Aircraft Carrier Embark
compliments of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

Mark recently had a rare chance to see first hand what life is like aboard an active aircraft carrier. It was a wonderful experience that he felt was important to share with you. To see how our y\ng military serves our... Click Here to Read More

"Super Rabbit" North American B-25 Heads East to It's New Home


HOT NEWS! FM-2 WILDCAT pulled this morning from Waukegan Harbor

Today on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we had an opportunity to witness a
Wildcat being pulled from the cold waters of Lake Michigan- Click photos below to enlarge

U.S. Navy to recover a historic World War II aircraft from Lake Michigan


CONGRATS to Kyle McQueen
Passed his T-28 Checkout and now Flying his New North American T-28C back Home!

Pictured Above, (Left) Kyle McQueen and (Right) Examiner Ed Finnegan

EAA's Squadron 4

Veteran's Day Forum Held at Courtesy Aircraft's Hanger
Guest Speaker- George Kaiser was a radar navigator on a B-17 in the 8th air force, 452th bomb group, 729t​h squadron. On his 26th mission, his squadron was attacked by  ME 109's, 190's, and 262's. The 109's rammed 2 of the
B-17's as they were out of ammo. He gave his presentation to us at the Veterans' Forum and it was a treat!
We hope to see you again next year!
Click Photos Below to Enlarge



See N544NR Featured in Warbird Digest!
Click Here


B-17R Staggerwing SOLD

Congrats to Steve!


Congratulations to Sam Strahan!
New Owner of N27775 North American SNJ-4




Courtesy Aircraft Sells Aircraft Worldwide:
T-33 Returns to the Sky's of Norway!

Click Photos Below to view this remarkable Trans-Atlantic trip! 
A special thank you to our partners- Heritage Aero, Avionics Place and International Jets
for making this possible.

Start: Rockford, IL USA- Quebec City, Canada - Goosebay, Newfoundland- Narsarsuac,
Greenland - Kevlavik, Iceland - End: Norway


Jan 2012: Click Here to Listen to Mark Clark interviewed by Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio
Topics discussed:

Current Warbird Market and the National Warbird Operators Conference


Just to say we have loads of fun with the UH, and itís a stunning machine. Its new registration is now V5-HUE!

We are busy to install the hoist and Medivac litter kit and it seems that we will need bits and piece like the 3X stretchers with attachement etc. We will try to sort out what we have and we will really appreciate it if we can submit the detail of missing items to complete these installation that you can either see if you can source it or put us in contact with the right supplier in this regard.  All the best for the new year,..and we looking forward receiving the Hughes 500 too! -Rainier Arangies

Congratulations to Addison- New Owner of a Grumman Goose Project!
The Goose transaction went very smooth with your help and expertise.  The airplane was everything we had hoped for in terms of a structurally sound Grumman G21A Goose project for me and my family.  I was very pleased with the negotiation process and the fairness on the part of the Palm Springs Air Museum and yourself.  Your reputation as a straight shooter rings true.  Now we get busy and start to breath new life into this treasure over the next few years." - Addison Pemberton


TF-51 Sold By Courtesy Aircraft
 Featured on Air Classics Magazine


Kermit Weeks Featured in This Weeks American Profile
Click Here to Read Full Story "Private Squadron" by Kimberley Button

It's Been a Busy Day at Courtesy Aircraft....
Congratulations to Robert Randazzo- New DC-3 Owner!

Congratulations to Dan Follett- New Piper Archer II Owner!

Congratulations to Tom Hill- New T-6 Owner!

First Flight in 10 years
Lockheed L-18 Recently Sold by Courtesy Aircraft

Congratulations to the new owner!

Mark Clark Interviewed on Buying Vintage Aircraft
in Canada's National Aviation Magazine 'Wings"
Click Here to Read Story by Rob Seaman

Family History Honored on Customer's New Warbird


"If you noticed the names below the forward canopy widow, they are my Uncle, Al Kinder, my Dad's younger Brother, who
flew B-17's during WWII over Europe after his pilot training was finished and my Dad who was an instructor during the war.
My Dad, eventually went on to fly for Eastern Airlines during the war. Both lived into their 80's. 
I felt an emotional obligation to put their names on my aircraft to honor them as aviators and to honor their lives. 
Both were strong influences on my and my brother's lives and aviation careers."
Congratulations Lou! N3753G Looks Great!

From Courtesy Aircraft's Hanger to Belgium
Congratulations to Mr. Luc Hellings and his new North American T-28!


"The T-28 arrived safely at our workshop on Friday. Tomorrow we will start putting it together.  Thank you for making it happen so smoothly, it was a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to more in the future. Heritage Aero did an excellent job in packing the aircraft!"

Best Regards,
Frederic Vormezeele
Flying Aces Services & Training
Responsible for Re-assembling the Aircraft

Congratulations to Steve Reed

New Owner of a beautiful Piper Lance

Ford Tri-Motor Pays Courtesy Aircraft A Visit
Soon to be performing aerobatics!

A Great P-51 In-flight Photo From a Friend-

Pictured Above: 
"Scat IV" sold by Courtesy and "Charlotte's Chariot II" owned by
Dan Fordice who is also a T-6 customer.

This rule establishes specific registration expiration dates over a three-year period for all aircraft registered before October 1, 2010, and requires re-registration of those aircraft according to a specific schedule.  All aircraft registrations issued on or after October 1, 2010, will be good for three years with the expiration date clearly shown.

Click Here To View Deadline for Your Aircraft Re-Registration

National Warbird Operator Conference 2011 ~ Pensacola, FL ~
Save the Date! February 17-20
NWOC 'EARLY BIRD' Registration Now Available!
Copy and Paste Link in Browser

Celebrating 100 Years of Naval Aviation at the National Navy Aviation Museum.
"Teaser" Photos of Pensacola Coming Soon!!

Help bring Embry Riddle to RFD!
The Rockford region has an excellent opportunity to land the world's leading aerospace and aviation university.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is searching for the site of its third residential campus, and a prime spot at Chicago Rockford International Airport is the perfect place (Courtesy Aircraft Sales Home Airport). A campus would help our regional aerospace industry soar, bringing more jobs, money and people to this area. 

Sign the petition at

Congrats to Aaron Taylor and his new
North American AT-6D

Click Here to see our
Photo Gallery Celebrating the
75th Anniversary of the DC-3!



Flight in EAA's B-17 Flying Fortress
Click Here To See!


Click Here to listen to Matt Jolley interviewing Mark Clark on
Warbird Radio

Topics discussed: Current Trends, Courtesy Aircraft's Inventory and the National Warbird Operator Conference
(Will take a few seconds to load, Windows Media Player) 

NATA T-28 Formation Clinic
Sponsored by Courtesy Aircraft


Hi Mark, Just a quick note to say "Thank-you" again for your help in sponsoring the NATA T-28 Formation Clinic in Conord, NC. The weather was wonderful, everyone flew a lot and had a great time! Thanks again for your help!
-Anggie Mitchard

Mark, Just a brief update. I just flew my 50th hour in the Bearcat last night.  The plane is doing well. Attached are some pictures. The plane is an amazing performer and the Mustang folks do not enjoy taking off with me. Give your staff my regards and tell them that she is in good hands and flown 2-3 times per week.  Best regards, Jens


Some pictures from a friend...

Pictured Left, Customer Darrel Berry's 2 Beech AT-11s and his dream plane, the B-17. Wouldn't he love to get a hold of that one? Pictured Right, One of Darrel's award winning AT-11s sold by Courtesy Aircraft.

From Courtesy Aircraft's Hanger to the Netherlands
Congratulations to Jan van der Flier and
his new North American TF P-51 Mustang!

"Hello Mark, Sorry for my late reaction but I did spend four days in the Mustang.  I am very happy she has arrived and we worked hard to assemble her.  She is in marvelous condition and built with enormous craftsmanship.  We all are impressed about the rebuilding job that has been done.  We had to trust you about the aircraft and it was worth it, we only had some internet photo's to decide the sale.  We got a wonderful restored Mustang from you. Thanks Mark."
-Jan van der Flier, Owner

"Scat VII is now operational. Last Friday I did two test flights. They went very smooth. Saturday I few with Jan for the first time. We went on a 2 hour navigation flight and ferried Scat VII to Antwerp in Belgium. Jan was very impressed by the performance of the Mustang. He is very happy to have flown his new aircraft!  Attached are some pictures of the assembly and engine run."
- Marcel Peerlkamp, pilot


Mark Clark interviewed by Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio
Click to view Website and Listen Live

Warbird Heritage Foundation
Working on a newly purchased A-4B Skyhawk to Airworthy

Click here to view the Warbird Heritage Foundation's thread-
They will be sharing progress on this project and welcomes questions or any information to help

The Warbird Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation created for the purpose of acquiring, restoring, displaying, and demonstrating various antique aircraft of historic military significance. The Foundation's focus is on preserving it's aircraft in flying condition, demonstrating these aircraft at air shows and other special events, and promoting public interest in historic military aircraft.

Friends of Courtesy Aircraft, Jim and Cathy Read featured in The Beacher Weekly Newspaper
Click Pages to Read


Schuyler Shipley and his new BT-13!


Best of Wishes to Tom Hill
Recently Checked-Out in his North American T-28B N228DF
Pictured Below
Ed Finnegan and Tom Hill.jpg (63743 bytes)

Tom Hill's T-28 Check-Out with Ed Finnegan, T-28 Check Airman

Congratulations to Mike Myers on his purchase on N604 North American SNJ-6
Pictured after his check-out in his new aircraft. 
His smile says it all...




Congratulations to Jim Allen and Paul Walter, winner of the Judges Choice-Jet 2009 Award

N370 WB Cessna T-37 "Tweety Bird" Sold by Courtesy Aircraft

Click here to view and select "Warbirds Aircraft Winners Announced"

Congratulations to Darrel Berry on
his purchase of this beautiful,
award winning Beech AT-11!

Darrel shown in photo at left with the AT-11.
In-flight photo by Paul Bowen.



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