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January 12, 2017

Courtesy Aircraft has been appointed exclusive sales agent for the rare Fully Standard Certified 1954 AEROCAR. This AEROCAR features folding wings that can be towed behind the automobile while in transit on the road. It also features automobile necessities including a horn and rear view mirror. This is one of five original AEROCARS that exist today.

Interesting Facts:

Cruise speed is 100 mph.

Takeoff speed is 55 mph

It only takes approximately 10 minutes to convert the automobile to an airplane.

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AIRCRAFT SPECIFICATIONS:Engine: Lycoming 0-320, 4 cylinder rated at 150 H.P.

Length Overall (as an airplane): 21 feet

Height Overall (as an airplane): 7 feet 2 inches

Length of Car Portion: 10 feet 4 inches

Length of Trailer Portion: 13 feet

Width of Trailer: 8 feet

Wingspan: 30 feet

Wing Cord: 6 feet 3 inches

Wing Area: 168 square feet

Seat car Width: 44 inches

Gross Weight: 2,100 pounds

Empty Weight: 1,300 pounds

Useful Load: 800 pounds

Payload with 24 gallons of fuel: 656 pounds

Fuel Capacity: 24 Gallons

Oil Capacity: 7 quarts

Service Ceiling: 12,000 feet

Cruising Range: 300 miles


Maximum Speed: 110 mph

Cruise Speed: 100 mph

Approach Speed: 55 mph

To learn more, contact:

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Darcy Kaapke

Marketing Director and Sales

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