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January 12, 2017

In 1932, the famous aviator Howard Hughes formed the Hughes Aircraft Company as a division of the Hughes Tool Company. Hughes Aircraft thrived on wartime contracts during WWII and by the early 50’s, it was one of America’s leading defense contractors and aerospace companies. During these busy times, a C-47 was purchased by the company. This aircraft is now being sold by Courtesy Aircraft Sales.

As you can see, the registration was signed by Howard Hughes’ right hand man, Mr. Glenn Oderkirk. Glenn Oderkirk, also known as “Ode” contributed his work to the legendary H-4 Hercules (Spruce Goose) as well as helping design the fastest land plane in the world during the time, the Hughes H-1.

Could this C-47 aircraft have been flown by the legendary Howard Hughes?  Courtesy Aircraft Sales is brokering N88786 (now registered as N293WM) and is in search of additional history on this aircraft so the next owner will have a more detailed understanding. To fly in the same cockpit as Mr. Hughes would be a great honor for any pilot!

One way or another, this aircraft has a famous past:  A true historic “gem” that we need to preserve.

Help Us Solve The Mystery!

Any pictures? Stories?  If you know anyone that has additional information on this C-47 or if you can help us with our quest, please contact our office.

History of the Douglas DC-3/ C-47

During the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt was serving his first term as President of the United States, corporate officials of the Douglas Corporation in Long Beach, California were diligently working on an airplane that would years later be hailed as “the airplane that changed the world.”

Time has proven how truly successful that effort was with the production of the immortal DC-3. In the U.S., 10,926 DC-3’s were built by Douglas over 2,000 of which are still flying strong today.

American Airlines was the first commercial operator to utilize the DC-3, in 1936. Soon, Pan Am and other airlines were pioneering routes in the U.S. as well as Canada and Alaska using this sturdy workhorse, which can land safely on beaches and unimproved strips as well as modern airports.

The DC-3, also known as the C-47 went to war in 1941 serving all allied nations. Many seemingly impossible missions were accomplished with the flexible DC-3. The venerable Grand Old Lady was the first airplane to land at the North Pole and the first to land at the South Pole.

Once a member of the 8th Air Force, this Grand Old Lady more than likely took part in D-Day operations with a Troop Carrier Squadron in WWII. Whether saving Guadalcanal during the bleakest days of the war or carrying troops for history’s greatest invasions, the DC-3/C-47 has been an important link to freedom.

An impressive tribute to this airplane was made when Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The three things that helped win World War II were the jeep, the bazooka, and the DC-3.”

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