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January 11, 2017

Courtesy Aircraft, AT&T Recovery and the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation sponsored a private 2 day event that included several behind the scenes activities and tours.  Participant’s even had the option to fly and land at NAS Sherman Field.

Highlights of the 2 day tour included:

  1.     Navy’s Water Survival Training
  2.     Navy’s Air Traffic Control Center Training
  3.     National Flight Academy Tour
  4.     Naval Air Museum’s Restoration Center
  5.     Past, Present and Future Restorations & Recoveries
  6.     Private Reception with Retired Navy Personnel

This exclusive event will increase your appreciation for past and current Naval operations.  You will see first-hand the efforts to preserve the U.S. Naval Aviation History. Contact Mark Clark or Darcy Kaapke should you be interested in attending the next insider’s tour.

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