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January 11, 2017

Sunday, May 22nd, Mark Clark, President of Courtesy Aircraft, had the awesome opportunity to fly a P-51 Mustang. Not just any Mustang but the exact Mustang that he first flew 38 years ago to the day. Thanks to Mike George for allowing him the great privilege. There are many people that this aircraft has touched- great restoration by Jack Rose and the caretakers along the way- John Castrogiovanni, Victor Haluska and Mike who has had the aircraft since 1990. The people who own, maintain and fly these aircraft as tribute to the “greatest generation” are very special. Mark has been honored to sell this Mustang four times. A special thank you for Frank Strickler for the great checkout so many years ago. First photo is Frank arriving in RFD winter 1977, the other photos from the anniversary flight. Mark was also was thinking about all the great people that have been a part of his life through Warbirds and our common love of aviation. Thanks for enriching his life and “Keep em Flying”.

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