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January 11, 2017

“I am not one that go on about things but I just have to report back to you on the Cayuse OH-6A and the UH204 that I purchased through you. The machines is just stunning and didn’t miss a beat whilst we operate her intensively g the festive season at the coast. The little Cayuse was immensely popular beyond tourist and locals and was complimented by friend and foe! Thanks once again for offering and trading this machine to us! This is machine #2 bought through Courtesy Aircraft, and after the first deal on the UH204, I didn’t think I could be so satisfied again, but it proof to be wrong! Both machines is well treasured by us, and although old, they operate like new machines…and the compliments is theirs and that of Mike, who incubated them for us. All the best for you and your company for 2013 and may your company go from strength to strength…we need more of such authentic operator/outlets!! Attached find few pictures of operations of Cayuse and Huey!” -Rainier Arangies


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