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I was on the web yesterday looking at your aircraft for sale and was intrigued by this P-51. I am originally from Winnipeg and the fact that this is a former 402 City of Winnipeg Squadron Mustang was of great interest. My father was a former C.O. of 402 Squadron and flew Vampires and Mustangs in the reserves post war after 2 tours during WWII as a Lancaster pilot and Mosquito pilot in the RCAF. In fact, I went to his log books and on two occasions are entries from 1951 where he flew this particular Mustang, aircraft no. 9563. Quite amazing that I can look at those pictures and know that this is the particular aircraft that the old man flew. Unfortunately, I am not a Microsoft millionaire or I would be quite tempted to acquire this airplane. Thanks for posting these pictures. I found them to be of great interest.
Good luck to you.”