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“Please forgive the fact that it has been nearly four weeks since I departed Rockford in N128BC. The last two months have been a whirlwind between two duty roster periods, annual simulator training, and a trip to Illinois. As you can imagine, despite being at home for three of those days, there was little time to relax.

I want to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone addressed in this email. It was a schedule that started with my first phone call with Mark Clark (June 22), signed Purchase Agreement (June 24) to completing the Practical Exam with Ed Finnegan (November 13). I have had the pleasure of working with an incredible Illinois Team who accommodated several schedule changes, patiently answered the questions of an excited new owner, and worked tirelessly to take care of all the details.

Thank you for your great work that you did as a team on my behalf. Each of you had my absolute trust from the beginning and delivered without fail in the end. I had the easiest job of all: show up and receive a fantastic aircraft! Sales paperwork, ferry permits, LOAs, addressing EVERYTHING that needed just a little more maintenance attention, flight training, practical exam… the list is quite endless.
You all have earned my greatest praise and I am pleased to recommend you to anyone just getting started. I look forward to seeing all of you again in the future, the community is small and you represent the very best!

Thank you”